First Post to Dev.to

I published my post about using youtube for content access dev.to and if felt like a big step. One of the reasons that I converted this blog from custom to jekyll is because I planned to post the more technical content to dev.to and wanted to keep my blog format as markdown to support that. There hasn’t been much feedback on the article but I’ll keep at it and post again.

Writing and doing updates in the morning seems to be working out well. The pressure to make a small improvement or write an entry in the small amount of time that I have between getting up, helping with the kid, and going out for a run is keeping me focused. It’s easy to wish for more time, but honestly I think I’d just waste it. Having less time and other priorities seems to be more of a driving force than a hinderance.

There’s plenty of things to write about and small changes to make over the next few weeks. Here’s what I’m thinking. Some of these I can get done pretty quickly.

  • Add pagination to the posts page
  • Fix the fonts and coloring so that posts are more readable (or change themes)
  • Organize how technical/personal/running posts are accessed
  • Add a contact section to the landing page
  • Add a link to the most recent post on the landing page
  • Add a side navbar to the posts or switch to a theme that does

I just have to be careful I don’t get into a trap of working too much on site fixes and neglecting creating technical content.

My other side project(running) is also going well. I’m incrementally getting faster. I’ve been heading out to more trail runs on the weekends. Strava tells me I ran my fasted 5k yesterday since I started using the app to record runs and I’ve been successfully increasing my weekly mileage. I’ve added some exercises that seem to be helpful in prevention of injury and recovery. There are things I’m still working on but I think it might be time get on another training plan to see if I can level up again.