Moving Forward and Declaring Running Goals

I’m attempting someone I’ve been dreaming of for years. I’ve decided to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I’ve thought of this often enough that my head has long been adding little strategies on how to get through the training and getting to know what works for me. It makes me more confident. 

But I’m also scared anxiety will creep in and ruin the attempt before it starts. One thing I’m trying is not having before steps. Previously, I’d think things like “Oh I need to get down to a certain weight first before attempting” or “I need to get this time in a shorter race before attempting”. It isn’t that I’m ignoring those steps. It’s that I am including them in the attempt. The little mental trick is already keeping me focused on the end goal and by doing so, should help me meet these intermediate goals faster with less anxiety. 

It feels like the right time to move forward and do the things I need to do to make it happen. The time I need to qualify is three hours and five minutes. To actually get in, that’s likely closer to the three hour mark. This means I have to blow my best marathon time out of the water, drastically increase my current training/base pace and likely make several drastic transformations in the process.

It sounds impossible but people do these type of things all the time. I’m sure I can too