A Quarantine Entry

This entry is about running again.

I’ve been spending a lot more time with the kid while having to work from home. We’ve both had to get used to a new routine. Spending all day with dad is a lot different than preschool. The food’s not quite as healthy, The art supplies are a bit limited and dad has go to online meetings. Mom still has to go in to work a few days a week so it’s been tough.

Running and the rest of the workout plan took a backseat while we figured things out. I tried to take the running stroller out early on but it wasn’t happening. There were protests. Eventually, we compromised with walks and only if the stroller was full of snacks. It was a nice break and the only way that afternoon naps would happen. My early morning runs were replaces with early morning work that I no longer had focus time during the day for. The walks kept me from going crazy and provided a little bit of exercise.

Eventually, we settled into a routine. I convinced myself it was time to try to make time for running etc.. again when I noticed my sleep was being affected by the lack of it (and the whole global pandemic but I can’t control that). Restarting can be hard. It can be harder in times of stress. The key is giving yourself small achievable goals.

This time, I told myself, “ do one push up today. Your goal is to do one push up. Worry about the rest of the plan tomorrow”. After putting it off for the entire day, I did one solitary push up before going to bed.

The next day, I did a partial strength training without having to push myself to do it. The day after that I went for a run with the stroller. After all the walks, getting in the stroller had become such a normal routing that there weren’t any protests that it was a run. We’ve been going on regular runs since then. I’m still figuring out how to turn the runs into proper training runs. This is a bit of set back but I was able to maintain a somewhat decent diet so I don’t have to dig myself out of such a big hole this time. Looking forward to moving forward again.